Financing options

Crossroad Customs recommends the following options, in order of preference:  

  1. Home Equity Line of Credit – easy to set up and tax deductible
  2. 401k loan – easy to setup and you pay yourself back, including interest
  3. Signature Loan – use your good credit and debt / equity ratio
  4. Collateral loan – use an item of value to secure a loan
  5. A loan based on the current value of your car

For option 5, here are a couple car restoration loan companies you can explore:

  1. Specialty Car Solutions, Phone: (503) 974-8552,
  2. Choice Motor Credit.  Customer must pay 60% of restoration, they will finance the balance.
  3. J.J. BEST BANC & CO.  Will finance up to 70% of the current appraised car value.