Painting the car is the easy part, it's getting it ready for the paint that's hard work, and the most important part...

Now, if you're like we are, you don't have money growing on trees, but your car deserves a restoration done right and we can do that for you.  Our standard paint job would bring your car up to a LEVEL TWO restoration and place you in the Hagerty Insurance Valuation condition 2 value range (The one word description for #2 cars is "excellent.").  Most all of our cars win class trophies at car shows, so it's a great product finish.  It includes:

stripping to bare metal, removing all filler and old seam sealer
repairing all rust, dings and dents (straightening the metal), removing lead seams
etch prime creating a bond with the metal so there is no chance of rust
blocking (sanding the body panels flat)
polyester prime, which gives enough build so we can block the body panels to a flat mirror-like finish
2nd blocking (hand blocking which often takes over 40 hours), applying new seam sealer
paint (color, clear, stripes, pinstripes, flames, graphics, etc.)
cut, buff and polish.  

This process, including tear down and reassembly starts at $10k.  

That may seem like a lot, but we've had plenty of customers come to us after they've spent less somewhere else and been unhappy with the results, so we recommend that you don't throw your money away on a paint job that costs less than this.  Our paint material costs alone range between $2-3k, so if a shop says they can paint your car for that much you've got to ask "how?".  They've got be using inferior materials and are taking short cuts.  Don't throw your hard earned money away on work you're not going to be happy with.  We invite you to get a free, detailed estimate from us, and compare it to estimates from other custom shops!  Once you find out what you're really getting from them, we're confident you'll be coming back to us.  In fact, we're so confident in this process that we will guarantee your paint job for life! *

LEVEL ONE show car finishes include repair of "factory defects", additional blocking, buffing and polishing and are therefore more expensive.  
We would be happy to provide LEVEL ONE, "Best of Show" work, but it costs a lot more money.  People winning best of show are spending $100k+.

Our Guarantee