LEVEL ONE: Superior

​In show judging, this vehicle is likely to win honors in its class. In a sense, it has ceased to be an automobile and has become an object of art. Extreme care is taken in both transporting and storage and vehicle is rarely driven. Restoration is for set for high professional standards of quality in all areas. Body preparation includes vehicle stripped to bare metal, body parts removed, etching primer, epoxy primer, high-end body fillers, single-stage base or tri-coat finishes, with high solid clear coat. Original parts and equipment will be used if at all possible. The finish will be color sanded to a high degree, leaving it with a maximum smoothness and clarity creating an ultimate high gloss finish. It costs considerably more to hand restore a Level One vehicle. There are very few vehicles restored to Level One. This is not considered a concourse restoration, which is absolutely perfect.

LEVEL TWO: Driver-Excellent

The Level Two can take near the top in judged shows, except when squared off to a Level One vehicle. This vehicle is driven for pleasure. Some minor defects are inherent. The restoration will use wire-feed welding, patch panels, medium tolerances of filler, and reproduction parts. The finish will be color sanded and polished to lesser degree than Level One. The paint and body preparation is the same as Level One, but tri-coat finishes are more rare due to cost. In all, a superior restoration that does not have the preparation work of a Level One vehicle.


This vehicle looks good from 10 feet away. However, the restoration process is greatly reduced. Parts, including glass and moldings, will be masked off instead of removed. Vehicle has not been stripped to bare metal. Areas of repair may be slightly visible, not being as true to the original flatness of the vehicle. Expect future deterioration in the seams, moldings, and jams.  This vehicle will not rank well in judged shows. All body and paint materials that will be used are of economy quality. The painted finish will generally be of single stage paint. WE DON'T DO THIS LEVEL OF WORK.  If this is the restoration level you are looking for then we are not your shop.  ​​