Terms and conditions:

Crossroad Customs - Terms Of Service

These are the terms you must agree to before we can start work on your project. We pride ourselves, and set our company apart from others by providing premium craftsmanship on the projects we work on. We will not do anything but the best work and will not cut corners to make a schedule or control costs. That said, we will also do our best to provide our customers with the most accurate estimate of work possible including time line and costs. We will bill monthly and payment is due on receipt.  You give Crossroad Customs permission to use your name and photos of you and your vehicle for marketing purposes.

Custom Work:

Custom work is special in that there is no standard by which to judge the work. That’s why informed customers look to previous projects done by a custom company to determine the type of work they can expect on their project. We make every effort to see that we perform custom work with highest quality / long term durability standards, but there is no way / no standard by which to gauge how long a modification will last or perform to expectations. Because of this we cannot offer any warranty other than our craftsmanship. We will, at our discretion, provide adjustments or repairs to custom items on a vehicle not caused by normal wear and tear or abuse for the first 30 days of customer possession. Anytime a safety feature is altered it falls under the show car only category. Customer vehicles and supplied parts will be inventoried on receipt and signed off as to their condition. We cannot provide any warranty on customer supplied parts as we cannot return them to a vendor for replacement. We will install them to the best of our ability but any defect on a customer supplied part is the sole responsibility of the customer. 

Your Estimate:

The word Estimate means just that. It’s an approximation of the amount of work needed to be done, the time it will take, and the cost associated with that work. So, when you ask for an Estimate for Custom work, this an educated guess at best.  Custom projects can run into unforeseen expenses such as: Fabricating new parts, modifying existing parts, securing a rare part, hidden issues we find while working on the project, etc. There’s really no way for us to know all of the work required on your project until we actually get into it and see what’s needed, and we're still guessing on time it will take.  Once you authorize work to be done, you agree to pay actual time and materials it takes to do the work and any associated work needed to be done to complete the project. The only exception to this is if you request a maximum dollar amount in writing. Any changes to the project scope will result in an updated estimate, of which you will authorize additional time and costs. Our advice to you is: If your budget is so tight and there is no room for error, it would be wise on your behalf to wait until you can accommodate the many variables involved with high quality custom work.

Collision Repair:

Collision work is performed to an industry standard and the information above does not apply. Collision is easier to estimate and although not exact, is more accurate then custom. If your job is a collision repair then payment is due on completion of work.

Payment Schedule:

Upon receipt of your project in our shop, a payment for all needed parts and materials is required. Work and parts are then billed monthly based on the work done and parts purchased. You will receive a bill each month and payment is due immediately. Balances 30 days overdue will be charged 2.2% late charge per month. Full payment is due upon delivery. A

3.5% fee may be added to card payments. If we do not receive your payment within 15 days your project will be reprioritized and your schedule may be extended. Failure to pay your bill, or lack of customer supplied parts causing stoppage of work for longer than a month will put the project on hold and you will be charged a $10/day storage fee.

Unless mutually agreed upon, projects on hold longer than 3 months will be considered in default and you agree that Crossroad Customs has a possessory lien and the right to place a non-possessory lien on your project for payment due. You also agree to pay any legal and court fees associated with any process that Crossroad Customs needs to undertake to recover any unpaid balance, including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees, from the time your account is placed into the hands of a debt collector or attorney for collection.

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